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What is the "FAST EDDIE'S Coolest Picture Vehicle" Award?

fast eddie

Zed Fest cofounder Ed Stephens III's father was a hot rodder and car enthusiast his entire life. Not long after putting the finishing touches on his 1930 FORD in 2011, Hot Rod Ed (aka Fast Eddie) passed away.

As a tribute Zed Fest honors the coolest cars in movies submitted to our film festival.

"Fast Eddie" Ed Stephens Jr. in his 1930 Ford Hot Rod
Zed Fest 2013 - Porto Dos Mortos (Beyond the Grave) Zed Fest 2012 - Hell's Belles
1975 GT V8 Ford Maverick 1968 Cadilliac Hearse

The Ford Maverick 1975model GT V8 is the police Officer's vehicle, but also an important character in"Beyond the Grave".

It was personally chosen by director Davi de Oliveira Pinheiro a year before shooting. A day before filming began - as it usually must occur in a movie production - the vehicle's motor broke up. The owner, vintage car collector Lourenço Dupont Neto and his mechanic's crew rushed to fix it in time for the shooting of very first scene of the film -- when the car enters the villains hideout.

The car was a hit among the cast and crew. More than a conversation starter, everybody was in love with it. Lourençobrought it to the set himself all the days required for filming. He also supervised all driving and the work done by the Key Grip on the vehicle (with lots of the metal pipes and suction cups to fix the camera to much to his concern).

Another important detail for the car as seen and heard on film was the sound design of the original vehicle combined with another two different V8 cars. The raging motors were mixed together to bring the real sound of the Ford Maverick and show its power to the audience.