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Underground Overnight
dead of the deao zombie parking

Zombie Screenplay Honorable Mention

Underground Overnight

by Anthony Alfieri

Genre: Horror / Zombie

I young couple in love setting out to start a new life park their VW Microbus in an undergroung parking structure to spend the night. A couple of mobsters inadvertantly create a minor zombie epidemic and the lovers must survive the threats of the hitmen and the zombies until the doors of the garage open again in the morning.

Zed: What was the inspiration for Underground Overnight?

Anthony: My inspiration for OVERNIGHT UNDERGROUND was to create a script that would be easy to produce -- low budget, few locations, and a handful of actors. I wanted it to be lean and mean with a lot of tension.

Zed: Great concept! That's the kind of thinking that we love here at Zed Fest, and you certainly did an fantastic job writing within those boundries. What are your plans and/or achievements with Underground Overnight?

Anthony: As far as plans and achievements... I've had it read by a few producers. My plan is to get it read more and more until it gets made.

Please contact Zed Fest to contact Anthony in regards to the information about Underground Overnight - info@zedfest.org