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Mad Ron's Prevues From Hell
mad ron's prevues from hell phil tucker Phil Tucker Spirit Award

It is an honor to present Zed Fest’s first film laurel to “Mad Ron's Prevues from Hell”. The highest honor we feel that we can bestow upon a movie is our “Phil Tucker Spirit Award”.

Phil Tucker was the director of “Robot Monster”, a B-Movie that is considered “so bad, it’s good”, which was the inspiration for Zed Fest. His script called for a robot, but a robot costume would cost too much to make. He knew someone with a good gorilla suit, had a Papier-mâché space helmet made and voilà! He had his Robot Monster! Which is exactly the kind of spirit we admire in filmmakers who preserver to get their movies made at any cost. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Phil_Tucker http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Robot_Monster

Writer/Director Jim Monaco and Producers Ron “Mad Ron” Roccia & James F. Murray Jr. (they left out the “Chief Cook & Bottle Washer” from James’ imdb.com credits) have done an incredible job of putting together a collection of horror and exploitation movie trailers from the 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s. And while the primary content of the movie is thrilling, erotic, and most often grotesque (not for the squeamish), it is the matter between the trailers that truly makes “Mad Ron's Prevues from Hell” the remarkable work that it is.

Not to be left out, Writer Nick Pawlow brings just that much more seasoning to the mix while he portrays himself as the straight man to Happy Goldsplatt, an undead ventriloquist dummy.

Rob Zombie fans will find “Mad Ron's Prevues from Hell” particularly interesting. They may be surprised to hear a few sound bytes that are used in some of his songs, not to mention a particularly racy trailer that was certainly the inspiration for his Grindhouse offering Werewolf Women of the SS.

Mad Ron’s Prevues from Hell is an absolute treasure of examples of the golden age of exploitation horror movies, and the pure gumption and drive of sincere low budget independent filmmaking. Any true cold blooded horror fan would shriek with delight at some of the outrageous scenes that horror filmgoers used to be allowed to enjoy.

But don’t take Zed’s word for it. The DVD is for sale now at Virgil Films & Entertainment. Click the link and go buy it now! http://www.virgilfilmsent.com/store/product.php?pid=393