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Dead of the Dead
dead of the deao creature feature

Zombie Screenplay
1st Place
Greatful Undead

Dead of the Dead

by Andrew Genser & Dan Riesser

Genre: Horror / Zombie

A VW microbus full of young Dead Heads goes to a Woodstock-like concert where the "Bad Acid" turns all the hippies into zombies.

Zed: What was the inspiration for Dead of the Dead?

Amdrew: As for the inspiration for the film...The original idea was Dan's. I remember we were hanging out at his house watching something Zombie related on TV, and other friends of ours were talking about an upcoming music festival, and then Dan connected the dots and immediately came up with the title "Dead of the Dead." We're both big horror/Zombie film fans (admittedly, Dan a little more so than me), and I'm a huge Grateful Dead/jamband music fan, and we just thought merging those two worlds would be a blast.

Zed: What are your plans and/or achievements with Dead of the Dead?

Amdrew: Obviously the holy grail is to get it made, but realistically we'd just be happy if we could use it, along with our other scripts, as a calling card to find some representation.


Learn more about Andrew & Dan's other projects at Irrational Films


Zed would like to add his two cents by embedding this Greatful Dead stream from YouTube