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by Kevin Kraft



by Kevin M. Kraft

Genre: Sci-Fi

S * T * A * L * K * E * R * (Slimy, Terrifying, Alien Lifeform Killing Everyone Relentlessly) An arguably intrepid spaceship crew of 50’s space adventure archetypes crash-land on a hostile world and encounter perilous, unsafe and even icky danger in the forms of a mad scientist, a terrifying robot and one bad, slimy alien predator.

Zed Fest is proud to have Kevin Kraft as a Two Time Feature Screenlpay winner! See also his page for his horror script MOMO...go check it out.

I am honored to have placed in the ZedFest Screenplay Competition for 2011 with my sci fi/horror comedy screenplay S*T*A*L*K*E*R* The genesis of this script is varied. Suffice it to say that I love comedies, I love lampoons of serious topics and I love classic science fiction. I originally set out to write a mere sci fi horror spoof immediately after watching a horrible Alien rip-off called Creature earlier this year. I thought of how many Alien rip-offs there were and further wondered how many lampoons there have been of that. The idea grew to encompass other memorable sci fi offerings from The It From Outer Space and Forbidden Planet to Lost in Space to Alien, (which was actually a remake of The It From Outer Space). About the same time I watched Creature, I viewed C.H.U.D.: Cannibalistic Humanoid Underground Dwellers—an evocative title that everyone my age remembers, even without seeing the movie firsthand. The title came fairly quickly—S*T*A*L*K*E*R*: Slimy, Terrifying Alien Lifeform Killing Everyone Relentlessly. At the same time, this was to be a comedy spoof, so I knew it couldn’t be overly gory; I wanted my kids to be able to enjoy this too, right? Surprisingly, the actual writing of the script was easier than what I’ve just described. I write “from the top of my head” without any kind of outline or knowing what I was going to write beforehand—without really thinking about it and just letting my own singular sense of humor have full reign. Some of my best scripts have come that way in the past, and this was no exception. I wrote the first draft in five days. The revisions were slight and mostly eliminating typos and perfecting the dialog. But the characters and their situation came out fully developed. I had my eldest daughter read it, as always, and it was hilarious to hear her try not to laugh out loud. She in turn read it to my three youngest, and they all loved it. I read it to my wife and sent it out to other test readers, and the reviews were most gratifying, and I knew I’d accomplished something that it actually very hard to do: write a really funny comedy. Lampoons are even hard to pull off! And if I, being my own worst critic, can still laugh the writing without cringing or kicking myself, I know I’ve got something that’s at least special. Hopefully someone will think likewise enough to produce it.

Kevin Kraft

Kevin M. Kraft has been an avid writer from early childhood, growing up in upstate New York. He lives with his family in Kansas City, Missouri, where he is also the CEO of T E K Productions (www.tekproductions.org), a motion picture production company. An ward-winning author and screenwriter, Kevin has written, produced, directed or acted in a number of film shorts and is involved in a number of movie projects in development at T E K. His naturally stoic appearance, articulate manner and broad sense of humor afford him the ability to assume a broad range of roles from the villainous to the comedic.

He has credits at imdb: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm2486924/

And a Facebook account: http://www.facebook.com/people/Kevin-M-Kraft/501940888

Please contact Zed Fest to contact Kevin in regards to the production of MOMO or S*T*A*L*K*E*R* zedfest@gmail.com