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by David Santo


“Devil’s Spit”

by David Santo

Genre: Horror

It’s not often that a screenplay leaves us speechless but Devil’s Spit, expertly penned by word crafter David Santo, just, just, just….man that dude is one sick puppy. It’s disgusting. It’s unnerving. It’s disgusting…we already said that one. It’s “Wrong” in all the places that a good horror movie is supposed to be “Wrong”, and DISGUSTING (as we’ve already said twice) exactly where and when and how it is supposed to be DISGUSTING. Fast paced, Exciting, Scintillating…don’t forget funny…

SERIOUSLY, we cannot emphasize this enough. Zed Fest deeply believes that the filmmaker that takes on Devil’s Spit, could very well become an overnight success story. David contrived this thriller with a severe micro-budget in mind. It really will not cost the filmmaker much money to properly execute David’s twisted vision. It is our sincere opinion that (after paying the writer his due) this movie could be put “In the Can” over the course of an extended weekend, spending not much more than the cost of…let’s say… the extraction of four impacted wisdom teeth. Throwing down the gauntlet here, we at Zed Fest believe so strongly in this screenplay (and want to see the movie so badly) that we are willing to host the Los Angeles premiere of David Santo’s: Devil’s Spit at our film festival! (Details to be discussed with the filmmaker upon the completion of the movie.)(David: We can’t afford to fly you out here but you can sleep on our couch for the weekend.)

And how about a little DETROIT PRIDE? David Santo lives in Detroit and the story takes place in Detroit. Zed Fest founder Ed Stephens grew up and was a filmmaker himself in the Detroit area. Who needs Hollywood outsiders mucking about or faking it up. Detroit has plenty of its own highly talented actors and filmmakers. Let’s proudly stamp MADE IN DETROIT on this one!


So what exactly is all our hubbub about?

The mayoral candidate of Detroit fights for her life after being drugged and subdued by her Ex. The tides turn on her schizophrenic captor when the “Devil’s Spit” sends her on a deviant odyssey of tortured madness and psychotic revenge.

Buckle up for a bloody romp through politics for Toxis Orithia, a conservative politician running for mayor of Detroit. She’s campaigning on a “high morals” platform by attacking the excessive violence in Hollywood movies. That’s when her disgruntled Ex, a film composer, interprets her public attacks as personal and in a gross overreaction kidnaps and tortures her to record the realistic sounds of her suffering for his upcoming film. While enduring unspeakable pain and humiliation, Toxis is given a highly addictive street drug nicknamed the “Devil’s Spit” which is supposed to subdue her but it opens up a Pandora's box of bizarre emotions and demented behavior. Watch in horror as the inner Toxis is unleashed: a twisted, schizophrenic, ballerina-loving, wild-child abuse victim yearning for bloody revenge against her captor and longing for another addictive hit of the “Devil’s Spit”.

Dave Santo 2011 Zed Fest Screenwriting award winner
David Santo's book
"SCREENWRITING A practical guide for writing a film"
is now available at AMAZON.COM
Dave Santos Screenwriter