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I Was Here
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Zombie Screenplay
2nd Place
After School "SPECIAL"

I Was Here

by G.L. Lambert

Genre: Horror / Zombie

A highschool student serving detention documents on videotape the effects of a zombie apocalypse.

Zed: What was the inspiration for I was Here?

G.L.: The inspiration for I Was Here was an inner city take on the Zombie Apocalypse. With most movies focusing on the rural or suburban survivors, I wanted to explore what would happen if this oddly supernatural event happened in a very real life world. I thought going documentary style and creating this Breakfast Club meets Dawn of the Dead mashup would further add to the realness of the script.

Zed: What are your plans and/or achievements with I Was Here?

G.L.: As for my plans, hopefully I win and I can use this accomplishment to lock down further funding so we can see this great story come to life on the big screen.

Learn more about G.L. Lambert's project at his FACEBOOK PAGE