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The Beast With No Brain
mad ron's prevues from hell creature feature

Lo/No Budget Screenplay 1st Place
Creature Feature Award


by Randy Gross

Genre: Horror/Dark Comedy

A modern day Frankenstein needs a special appendage to complete his creation. A contemporary Lorena Bobbit needs a place to hide. Together they just might be able to create the “Perfect Man”. “The Beast With No Brain is like a Troma Entertainment treatment of a John Waters/David Mammet collaboration. Perhaps the funniest off kilter screenplay I have ever read. This story has “CULT CLASSIC” stamped all over it. The scene with the “Thing” inch worming across the keys of a grand piano…absolutly outrageous!” Ed Stephens – Zed Fest: Festival Founder

Zed: What was the inspiration for The Beast With No Brain?

Randy: I grew up watching a lot of horror films, especially the psychological ones. Was especially a big fan of THE BEAST WITH FIVE FINGERS with Peter Lorre, which had recurring appearances by a disembodied hand ... Then, when the big domestic crime story broke in 1989, about Lorena Bobbitt severing her abusive husband's penis, a sick-and-twisted light bulb went off - and "The Beast With No Brain" was born.

Zed: What are your plans and/or achievements with your screenplay?

Randy: Shortly after finishing "The Beast With No Brain", I submitted to known back the New York International Independent Film and Video Festival. They enjoyed the black humor enough to actually invite me to have the script performed as a staged reading. I submitted it to Zed Fest. Hoping that I win, and that some producer or director who shares my sick sense of humor will take an interest, but we'll see ...

This screenplay is available for sale.

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