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Thank you to all of you who joined us for Zed Fest Film Festival 2015.We would also like to thank all the Film Teams for supporting their films and us.
We hope to see more great films from you in the future.

Zed Fest Film Festival 2015 Night 5
Roman's Showcase Night
Sat Nov 21,2015 7pm to 12 Midnight
Acme Theater 5124 Lankershim Blvd.
North Hollywood, CA 91601

Sat Nov 21, 2015
Screening Program

Short Films
The Case Of Evil
This is Joe
Cheese Dog: The Movie
The Trap
The Door
Yummy Meat: A Halloween Carol
Dark Corners Horror Anthology
Night Of The Slasher

Zed Fest Film Festival 2015 Featured Trailers
Head: Horror The Elmwood Way
One Last Kiss
A way out
Other Halves
Zelma's Unfinished Business
Killer Rack
Mutant Swinger From Mars
Followed By Q&A with Michael Kallio

Zed Fest Film Festival Flashback Theater Video Clips
Crazy Trailers,Weird clips and must be seen strange videos.

Zed Fest Rod Serling Tribute Video Encore
"Encounter with The Unknown"


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Announcing Zed Fest Film Festival 2015 Winners
Thank you for sharing your films with us
& Congrats to All Our Winners!

2028 O Filme Outstanding Acting Performance Pedro Binotti
2028 O Filme Outstanding Acting Performance Tales Jaloretto

A Way Out Outstanding Acting Robert Costanzo
A Way Out Outstanding Poster  Aaron Russell
A Way Out Outstanding Producing Jason Tostevin
A Way Out Outstanding Producing Franklin Grace

Biochamber Outstanding High Concept Bryce Williams
Biochamber Outstanding Props Bryce Williams

Brine Outstanding Screen Story Jeff Kacmarynski

Caesar and Otto's Paranormal Halloween
Femme Fatale JamieLee Ackerman
Caesar and Otto's Paranormal Halloween 
Outstanding Horror Comedy
Caesar and Otto's Paranormal Halloween
Outstanding Producing 
Dave Campfield, Felissa Rose,
Richard G. Calderon,Daniel Sullivan

Cheese Dog:The Movie Outstanding Animation 
Cheese Dog: The Movie Outstanding Music Score Carla Patullo
Cheese Dog: The Movie Outstanding Screen Story Justin Ulloa & Jamie Dwyer
Cheese Dog: The Movie Outstanding Voice Acting
Justin Ulloa, Jamie Dwyer, Tracy Fiordalis

Crow Hand Outstanding Comedy Horror Short Brian Lonano

Dark Corners Outstanding Acting Lindsay Seim
Dark Corners Outstanding Acting Sarah Nicklin
Dark Corners Outstanding Acting Starr Gilliard
Dark Corners Horror Anthology
Outstanding Producing Cuyle Carvin,Lindsay Seim,Robert Michael Ryan

Flight Fright Outstanding Acting Doris Morgado
Flight Fright Outstanding Acting Eddie Deezen
Flight Fright OutstandingActing Gerald Dewey
Flight Fright Outstanding Acting Swisyzinna
Flight Fright Comedy Horror Short Jim Politano
Flight Fright Directing Jim Politano
Flight Fright Producing Jim Politano

Grace Outstanding Acting John Malone
Grace Outstanding Producing Jem Moore

Hard Broads Outstanding Acting "Yoshi The Dog"
Hard Broads Outstanding Acting
Ensemble Mindy Bledsoe, Sylvia Grace Crim,
Rachael Lee Magill, Suswan
Hard Broads Outstanding Comedy Horror Mindy Bledsoe
Hard Broads Plot Twist

Head: Horror The Elmwood Way
Outstanding Voice Acting Ensemble
Manda Vasas, Jon Bristol, Nick Foreman

Helio Outstanding Acting Barrett James
Helio Outstanding Music Soundtrack P. Daniel Newman
Helio Outstanding Production Design Kurt Braun

Himself to Himself Outstanding Acting Hari Flanagan
Himself to Himself Producing Steven Lancefield

Journey to Mt. Fuji Outstanding Acting Yukita Kusunoki
Journey to Mt. Fuji Outstanding Art Film Cris Ubermann
Journey to Mt. Fuji Outstanding Producing Yukita Kusunoki

K7 Outstanding Sci-Fi Thriller

Killer Rack Outstanding Acting Performance Debbie Rochon
Killer Rack Outstanding Voice Performance Brooke Lewis
Killer Rack Outstanding Acting Jessica Zwolak
Killer Rack Comedy Horror Gregory Lamberson

Kragos Old School Reprise David Maddox
Kragos Outstanding Poster  Kenneth Siemens
Kragos Outstanding Super-8 David Maddox

Mind's Eye Outstanding Acting Dean Cain
Mind's Eye Outstanding Acting Izzie Steele
Mind's Eye Outstanding Acting Malcom McDowell
Mind's Eye Outstanding Acting Natalie Distler
Dynamic Duo Kevin Sean Ryan, David William Murray Fisher
Mind's Eye Outstanding Sci-Fi Feature Film

Month to Month Outstanding Music Soundtrack James Ersted
Month to Month Outstanding Screen Story James Ersted

Mr. Dentonn Outstanding Acting Performance Irene Aguilar
Mr. Dentonn Outstanding Directing Ivan Villamel Sanchez

Mr. Man Outstanding Directing Haven Nutt
Mr. Man Outstanding Featurette Haven Nutt
Mr. Man Outstanding Original Song Sarah Margaret Huff
Mr. Man Outstanding Producing Haven Nutt
Mr. Man Outstanding Screen Story Haven Nutt
Mr. Man Outstanding Super-8 Haven Nutt

Mutant Swinger from Mars Crooning Pete LaDuke
Mutant Swinger from Mars Old School Reprise Michael Kallio
Mutant Swinger from Mars Outstanding Rerto Sci-Fi
Mutant Swinger from Mars George Barrows Gorrilla Man Award

Night of the Slasher Outstanding Acting Performance Lily Berlina
Night of the Slasher Outstanding Horror Short Shant Hamassian
Night of the Slasher Outstanding Directing Shant Hamassian
Night of the Slasher High Concept Shant Hamassian
Night of the Slasher Kick A$$ Villan Adam Lesar
Night of the Slasher Producing Shant Hamassian
Night of the Slasher Outstanding Slasher Victim Scott Javore  
Night Of The Slasher Outstanding Theme Song  
Jeff Phillips & Matt Cheadle Performed By Grayce

One Last Kiss E.A. Poe-Etic Writing Anthony Mezza

One Smart Fellow Outstanding Acting Ensemble 
Timothy Busfield, Belle Shouse, Laura Innes, Melissa Gilbert
One Smart Fellow Outstanding Arthouse 
One Smart Fellow Directing Timothy Busfield, Tommy Lohmann
One Smart Fellow Gastronomy Award for Scrambled Eggs With Brie
One Smart Fellow Outstanding Suspense
One Smart Fellow Outstanding Producing
Timothy Busfield, Tommy Lohmann, Belle Shouse, John Skoglund
,Laura Innes, Matteo Zingales, Melissa Gilbert, Michael Ferdie,
Robert Humphreys, Scott Oberholzer, Timothy Vincent

Orientation Outstanding Acting Greer Jansen
Orientation Outstanding Producing Hannah Abigail Scharlin-Pettee
Orientation Outstanding Screen Story
Hannah Abigail Scharlin-Pettee & Meriel Stein

Other Halves Outstanding High Concept 
Other Halves Outstanding Micro Budget

Parallel Outstanding Acting Liz DuChez
Parallel Outstanding Acting Terence Cranendonk
Parallel Outstanding Producing 
Liz DuChez, Keith Nickoson, John Turk ,Richard Portnow

Populace Outstanding Acting Jamie Pigott
Populace Outstanding Acting Kate Sissons
Populace Outstanding Cinematography Michael Simpson
Populace Outstanding Producing Jamie Pigott, Toby Walsham
Populace Production Design Aaron Bevan-Bailey
Populace Outstanding Sci-Fi Short 
Populace Outstanding Visual Effects Abigail Scollay

Scrawl Outstanding Acting Daisy Ridley
Scrawl Outstanding Acting Mark Forester Evans
Scrawl Outstanding Acting Nathalie Pownall
Scrawl Outstanding Directing Peter Hearn
Scrawl Outstanding Producing Annabelle Le Gresley
Scrawl Outstanding Producing Peter Hearn

Segments of Jonah Outstanding High Concept Thomas Graef

Spammer Outstanding Producing Sanj Surati & John Iwasz
Spammer Screen Story Sanj Surati & John Iwasz

Studio 203 Outstanding Supernatural Horror

The Balcony Outstanding Acting David Dastmalchian
The Balcony Outstanding Acting Kathy Christopherson
The Balcony Outstanding Acting Shannon Mckinnon
The Balcony Outstanding Producing Mike L. Taylor

The Case of Evil
Outstanding Acting Performance Merrick McCartha

The Door Production Design

They Outstanding Micro Budget Short Film Daniel Selleck
They- WOW... Outstanding Screen Story Inspiration
They Outstanding Acting Ensemble

The Eve Short Film Luca Machnich Outstanding Screen Story

The Last Abduction Outstanding Alien Creature Design
Joe Amelia, Jeremy Selenfriend
The Last Abduction Outstanding Directing Frank Perrotto
The Last Abduction Outstanding Producing Danielle Kinder
The Last Abduction Outstanding Screen Story Frank Perrotto
The Last Abduction Outstanding Sci Fi

The Long Way Home Outstanding Acting Shannon Ames
The Long Way Home Outstanding Dual Acting Maritza Brikisak
The Long Way Home Outstanding Makeup Maritza Brikisak
The Long Way Home Outstanding Producing Maritza Brikisak

The Trap Acting Dynamic Duo Curtiss Frisle & Tony Janning
The Trap Outstanding Directing Dick Grunert
The Trap Plot Twist Dick Grunert

This is Joe Outstanding Screen Story Francis Diaz Fontan

Transport Outstanding Science Fiction Short J. Hanna
Transport Outstanding Acting Performance Kirsten Scoles

Transport Outstanding
Producing Kathy McCurdy 

Turn it Ip Outstanding Music Video 
CHOPS, Tiger JK, Yoon Mi-rae

World Domination Outstanding Animation Bridget Toner

You, Your Brain, & You Scott Bateman
Outstanding Arthouse
Outstanding Mockumentary

Yummy Meat: A Halloween Carol
Outstanding Screen Story Sean Decker
Outstanding Producing, John Fitzpatrick,Sarah Fitzpatrick,
Ryan Dillon, Adam J. Yeend,Brian Chandler
Jessica Chandler.

Zanate Outstanding Acting Black Terry
Zanate Outstanding Action Drama 
Zanate Outstanding Screen Story David Torres

Zelma's Unfinished Business 
Outstanding Arthouse Batsheba
Zelma's Unfinished Business 
Elsa Lancaster Award Nicole Wolfson


Mr. Man - Haven Nutt

Orientation - Hannah Scharlin-Pettee

World Domination- Bridget Toner

Parallel - Liz DuChez

The Long Way Home Maritza Brikisak

One Smart Fellow - Laura Innes , 
Melissa Gilbert, Belle Shouse, Alyssa Loveall

Hard Broads - Mindy Bledsoe



3 To Die
Allen Rueckert
A Bastard to Paris (I'm ready to love) Hou, Jiahao


Jeff Kacmarynski

John Murphy
Michael Huntsman
Harry Holland
Children of the Dead
Jeff Bassetti
Cracked Mirror
Robert G. Christie
Diana Woody
Deadly Entanglement
Gregory Wolk
Allison Phelan
David Maddox
Eyeball Stew
Brendan Butler
Family Slaycation
Damien Paris
Going Home
Richard Opper
Golden Wings: The Eagle Hunters of Mongolia
Meredith Kennedy
Hell on Neptune
Robert Rogers
Mike Briock
Sundae Jahant-Osborn
Infectiousor Squid-Tongue Sleep walking Monster Apocalypse
Janet Hetherington
It's Not About Bigfoot
Mindy Bledsoe
Kill the Children
Jason Zink
Lookin' Up
Marvin kaplan
Charlotte Hansen
Sebastian Mittelman
Aimee Vincent
Mother Mayhem
Brian Smith
Night of the Pig People
Sean Whitley
Michael Panek & Guershon Moreno
Postmortem Expressionists
Brendan Butler

Project M for Moral Fabric

David Dollard

Sardis the Merciful
Christian Thomas
Jon Freda
Star Whores and the Impotence Ray
Joel Karlinsky
Chris Rosen
The Collective I -- The Gleaning
Patty Hickman
The Day Of The Game
Thomas L. Still
The Fiend
Richard Reed 
The Goldenhill Fortune
Michael Peake
The Gorge
Warren Cowell
The Guest
Luis Gerardo Pascual
The Lurking Man
Maritza Brikisak
The Seed 
Anthony Mezza
Then There Was One
Rod Hudgins
Through the Night
Edward Martin III
Timing is Everything
Robert Shill 
Patricia Harris Seeley
Wisconsin Krueger's 1918
Richard Corman
Within These Walls
Tracie Jules
Zombie A Go-Go
Richard Faymonville



Please Visit our Film Festival Page
To see our Official Selections List


Thursday November 5, 2015

6th annual Zed Fest Film Festival

Festival Opening Night 7pm

LAEMMLE NoHo 7, Noho Arts District
5240 Lankershim Blvd, North Hollywood, Ca. 91601


Zed Fest Film Festival 2015 Thurs Night Nov 5, 2015
Opening Feature Film 7pm

The Minds Eye
Starring: Malcolm McDowell, Dean Cain, Izzie Steele, Natalie Distler
Directed By: Mark Steven Grove


Zed Fest Film Festival Double Feature Film Block
Thurs Night Nov 5, 2015 9:15 pm

Double Feature Film 1 FILM PREMIERE

One Smart Fellow (44 Min) Rated R
Timothy Busfield, Melissa Gilbert, Laura Innes, Belle Shouse
Directed By: Timothy Busfield,Tommy Lohmann
Double Feature Film 2 - US FILM PREMIERE
Scrawl (82 Min)Rated R
Starring: Daisy Ridley(Star Wars VII - The Force Awakens)
Elizabeth Boag (Motto,Metro 7 bis, Chasing Robert Barker) Ellie Selwood,Catherine Ruddick
Annabelle Le Gresley, Joe Daly, Nathalie Pownall (Motto,White Box, Twin Suns)

Zed Fest Film Festival 2015 Thurs Night Nov 5, 2015
Shorts Block 11:25 pm

Dark Corners Horror Anthology - FILM PREMIERE
Robert Michael Ryan ( Dark Revelations, How I Met Your Mother)
Starring: Lindsay Seim (Insidious: Chapter 2)
Sarah Nicklin (The Sins of Dracula, 2014 Alice D)
Directors: Cuyle Carvin,Lindsay Seim,Robert Michael Ryan
Producers: Cuyle Carvin,Lindsay Seim,Robert Michael Ryan
Flight Fright
Starring: Eddie Deezen (The Polar Express,Grease,Spongebob Movie)
Doris Morgado (2 Guns,The Internship,NCIS)
Gerald Dewey, Swisyzinna (Real Husbands of Hollywood)
Director: James Politano Producer: James Politano
Starring: Kathy Christopherson (The Young & the Restless,Entourage),
David Dastmalchian (CSI: Cyber,The Dark Knight ,Ant-Man - 2015)
Shannon McKinnon (House M.D),Chris Stone(Ugly Betty)
Director: Mike L. Taylor (Heroes of Cosplay,Excused - tv series)


Zed Fest Film Festival 2015 Thurs Night Nov 5, 2015 Shorts Block
Mr. Man Directed By Haven Nutt Night of the Slasher Directed By Shant Hamassian
Transport Directed By: J. Hanna The Trap Directed By: Dick Grunert


Feature Film 1

Shorts Block & Feature Film 2

Feature Film 3

Feature Film
Day of the Dead/
Halloween Celebration

Mutant Swinger from Mars

Carrot, Zelmas Unfinished Business, Killer Rack They Short Film

Head-Horror The Elmwood Way Feature Film,

"Yummy Meat: A Halloween Carol" Short Film &
"Cesar & Otto's
Paranormal Halloween"

7:30 pm

9:00 pm



Killer Rack
Feature Film

Roman's Showcase Screening Room
Zed Fest Friday Late Night Movie

Zed Fest Film Festival 2015 Friday Night Nov 6, 2015 Shorts Block

Hard Broads

Massacre at Femur Creek

segments of jonah

Crow Hand

Mining moon

Vampiric PSA

Star Wars: A Toy Story

It's Him




Zelma's Unfinished Business


Zed Fest Film Festival 2015 ROMANS SHOWCASE ROOM
Friday Night Nov 6, 2015

Star Wars: A Toy Story - 7:35pm

Head-Horror The Elmwood Way 9:20pm
Feature Film

You,Your Brain & You - 7:40pm

It's Him

Crow Hand


segments of jonah

Massacre at Femur Creek


Hard Broads

Mining moon

Vampiric PSA

Zed Fest Film Festival Presents

Feature Film 1

Feature Film 2

Feature Film 3

Shorts Block

Women in Film Q & A Featuring Haven Nutt Tim Sullivan


Journey to Mt. Fuji

Encounter With The Unknown

Zed Fest Film Festival Shorts

Sat Nov 7, 2015 6:40pm

Sat Nov 7, 2015 7:10 pm

Sat Nov 7, 2015 8:55 pm

Sat Nov 7, 2015 10:20 pm

Sat Nov 7, 2015 12:05 am


Zed Fest Film Festival 2015 Sat Night Nov 7, 2015 Shorts Block


one last kiss

Make it go away

2028 O Filme

The Eve


himself to himself

The Brothers Threatt

Designation of Origin: The Earth


The long way home


The Last Abduction



Mr. Man

Wanted- Western Short Film



Zed Fest Film Festival 2015 ROMANS SHOWCASE ROOM
Saturday Night Nov 7, 2015

Mr. Man k7
Sincerely,Us Designation of Origin: The Earth
Designation of Origin: The Earth himself to himself
Wanted- Western Short Film The Eve
one last kiss Biochamber
The Brothers Threatt Defense Mechanism


Feature Film 1 Shorts Block 1   Shorts Block 2
Other Halves Film Cast & Crew Q&A

Zed Fest Film Festival Shorts Block


Zed Fest Film Festival Shorts Block & Film Festival Finale

Sun Nov 8, 2015 7pm

Sun Nov 8, 2015 9:05pm

Sun Nov 8, 2015 10:30pm

Sun Nov 8, 2015 10:55pm


Zed Fest Film Festival 2015 Sunday Night Nov 8, 2015 Shorts Block

The Case of Evil

A way out


Studio 203

Cheese Dog: The Movie




Month to Month


Kragos the Dishonored

Defense Mechanism

World Domination

The Door

Turn It Up


$5,000.00 total value in Cash Awards & Prizes
(Cash awards and prizes are shared among selected winners)
ENTER zedfest screenplay HERE


Zed Fest Film Festival & Screenplay Competition was founded to encourage and support independent low and big budget, filmmakers, who work in the horror, suspense, science fiction, drama,action, adventure, and art house genres.

After participating in Zed Fest Film Festival, many of our filmmakers have been able to advance their careers develop their next projects. We take pride in the fact that we are able maintain relationships with participants, to encourage and help them develop and promote their future endeavors.

Our Top prize PHIL TUCKER SPIRIT award (Named after Indie Film Making Pioneer Director Best known for Directing Robot Monster in 3-D ~1953)

Zed Fest Film Festival ~ Mary Pickford Award~

This Award is to Highlight Women in The Film Arts. "The Mary Pickford Award" Is Named In honor the Great Mary Pickford Silent Film Pioneer.

You can enter our Zed Fest Film Festival and to be considered for this award. If you have directed, produced or co-produced, written a screenplay.

Mary Pickford was a Canadian-American motion picture actress, co-founder of the film studio United Artists and one of the original 36 founders of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

In addition she starred in countless films,including several in the Action Genre making her one of the first action film stars. She produced many of her films having started in film acting as child she understood the medium better than most and knew early on that artists in film needed to be protected and have more control over their work. She also was instrumental in archiving early silent films, including Charlie Chaplin Films.

Zed Fest Film Festival ~ Golden Marquee Awards For Top Feature and Short Film

The Zed Fest Film Festival Golden Marquee is awarded each year to the feature film and short film that display exemplary technical proficiencies in filmmaking and storytelling.



Zed Fest Film Festival 2015 Event Location Details: 

6th annual
Zed Fest Film Festival
Event Locations:

Location 1:

***Opening Night Thursday Nov 5, 2015***

LAEMMLE NoHo 7, Noho Arts District
5240 Lankershim Blvd,
North Hollywood, Ca. 91601





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