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Zed Fest Film Festival 2017
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Zed Fest Film Festival
Women In Film 2017
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We would like to thank all the filmmaking teams & friends that came out to support The 8th Annual Zed Fest Film Festival 2017. We hope to see you again soon.

Congratulations to our 8th Annual Zed Fest Film Festival Screenwriting Competition Finalists. The winners will be announced Dec 15, 2017

8th Annual Zed Fest Film Festival Screenplay Competition 2017
Feature Screenplay Finalists
Ariel's Next Song Alan Howcroft
Bad Hair Day Richard Geiwitz
Bermuda Laura Valtorta
Can You Smell The Flowers? Malcolm Holt
Cutting Edge Midway Micasso
Dead Strays Neil Chase
Exit 290 C M Webb
FEST Jordan Leibowitz Ryder Sturt
Ghost Work Mark Steensland
Gun Driver 2 Johann Karlo
Hallow's Point Brian Smith
Hollow Earth Quest Danny Weiss, Kathy-Krantz-Stewart
House of Living Nightmares Mike Meade
I Feel Home James Recknagel
Joseph Ian Davies
Kidcide kelly jean karam
Life Goes On Daniel S
Lunatics! Tim Louwsma
Marie Laveau M Cristina Beato
Mr. Jacobs Versus Party Clowns From the Great Beyond Jeff Folschinsky
My Brother, the Taxidermist B. Kornblum Katz
Ngorath Tristan Biber
Nightfall Mike Meade
One Good Scare Brian Smith, Vincent Vinas
PR*CK! Todd Bronson
Runaway Ship Theodore Soderberg
Strappado Robert J. Rogers
The Enochian Wars: Armageddon Unleashed Frank Palumbo
The Turning Daniel Selleck
The Un-Eff-Able Sam Bistritzky Maggie Herskowitz
Town of Samhain Mike Kelleher
Whisper Cove Scott Kirkpatrick
Wolf Con CM Webb
8th 8th Annual Zed Fest Film Festival Screenplay Competition 2017
Short Screenplay Finalists
A prank Ivan Casajœs Guaita
Apartment 84 James Hughes
Brew Master kelly jean karam
Buddies From Beyond James Brophy
Crazy For The Blonde Tom Bragg
Dog Years Jeremy Storey
Duet Lisanne Sartor, Colette Sartor
Globe Joshy Mangalath
House Rules diana woody
How.About.Now Daniel Gold
I Am Starving iman davari
Melville Jeremy Storey
Scared To Death stephen kayfish
Shaded Chris Moore
Terrordactyl Eufemia Scarfone
The Finish Line Troy Basoren
The Kathcataran Ring Alan Howcroft
This Broken Earth Tom Bragg
Vendor Virginia Salvador
Walter's Days Nathan Ludwig, Charles Devin Hill
Xq28 Dan Horrigan
Zombie Corp Montgomery Burt


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8th Annual Zed Fest Film Festival 2017 Winners
  Feature Film   Country
13 Mysteries Outstanding Arthouse Feature Film   USA
Christmas with Cookie Twisted Xmas-Tale - Winner   USA
Escape the Dark Outstanding Screen Story Ben Deloose and Matthew Chilelli USA
  Outstanding Acting Ensemble Erik Moody,Sarah Nicklin,Michael Slefinger,Karli Kaiser  
Fetish Factory Outstanding Acting Performance Carrie Keagan, Jennifer Blanc-Beihn USA
Chase Williamson  
Garden Party Massacre Outstanding Horror Comedy   USA
The Basement Outstanding Acting Performance Mischa Barton USA
  Kick Ass Villain Jackson Davis  
The Child Remains Outstanding Acting Performance Suzanne Clement CAN
The Hatred Outstanding Acting Performance Sara Davenport USA
  Outstanding Producing Malek Akkad  
The Lurking Man Outstanding Producing Maritza Brikizak USA
  Outstanding Acting Performance Maritza Brikizak USA
  Lon Chaney Sr. Award Daniel Lench  
The Terror of Hallow's Eve Outstanding Special Effects Illusion Industries  
  Zed Fest Film Festival Golden Marquee Award Feature Film 2017    
  Outstanding Acting performance Annie Read, Juliet Landau,  
    Sarah Lancaster,Caleb Thomas  
  Featurette Film   Country
Bloodyback Outstanding Screen Story Daniel Byers USA
  Outstanding Directing Daniel Byers  
Filling In Outstanding Fantasy Comedy   USA
  Outstanding Screen Story Bradley Hawkins,Austin Haitos,Peter Fenton  
  Outstanding Acting Performance Jared Odrick  
  Outstanding Acting Performance Karl Holtz  
PhotoKill Outstanding Acting Performance Lauren A. Kennedy USA
  Outstanding Producing Tom Bragg,Lance J. Reha  
  Outstanding Screen Story Tom Bragg USA
  Short Film   Country
Alfred J Hemlock Outstanding Acting Performance Tristan Mckinnon Australia
Outstanding Supernatural Horror    
Banshee Outstanding Producing Adam Obrien Canada
  Outstanding Screen Story Adam Obrien  
  The Featured Creature Elisabethe Payeur
BED Outstanding Arthouse Short Film   USA
  Outstanding Screen Story Maxi Witrak  
Pizza Face Outstanding Computer Animation   USA
  Outstanding Screen Story Jamie Dwyer and Justin Ulloa  
Psycho Therapy Outstanding Acting Performance Brooke Lewis ,Ricky Dean Logan USA
Outstanding Producing Brooke Lewis  
SLIT Outstanding Producing Jennifer Nangle USA
Skin jacker Outstanding Acting Performance Jamie Pigott UK
  Outstanding Acting Performance Emily Tucker  
  Outstanding Producing Dan Horrigan  
The Candle Outstanding Acting Performance Elanie Hendrix USA
  Outstanding Acting Performance Abbie Cobb  
  Outstanding Acting Performance Rene Ashton  
  Outstanding Screen Story Rene Ashton  
  Outstanding Producing Richard Joel,Rene Ashton  
The Love Suckers Outstanding Acting Performance Caryn Richman USA
The Son, the Father... Outstanding Acting Performance Lukas Hassel USA
Outstanding Acting Performance Lucas Oktay  
  Outstanding Acting Performance Colleen Carey  
Those Lips Outstanding Acting Performance Ashley Erin Campbell USA
  Outstanding Producing Ashley Erin Campbell  
Walk With the Devil Outstanding Screen Story Alison C. Hall USA
  Super Short Film   Country
Love Past Blue, The Band Outstanding Documentary Short    
  Outstanding Producing Tiffany Forsberg  
  Zed Fest Film Festival Mary Pickford Tiffany Forsberg  
Mare Outstanding Producing Nicole Solomon USA
  Zed Fest Film Festival Mary Pickford Nicole Solomon  
Muscle Memory Outstanding Arthouse Super Short Film Flo Miles FRANCE
My Better Nature Outstanding Super 8 Al Topich,Michael S. Carpenter USA
Ousemane Outstanding Directing Vladimir Baranovsky France
  Outstanding Music    
Viking Toothache Outstanding Producing Philip Baumhardt USA
  Outstanding Movie Props    
  Music Video    
Indigenous Robot - One World Outstanding Music Video    
  Zed Fest Film Festival Mary Pickford 2017 Awards    
Nicole Solomon Director/Producer "Mare" Short Film    
Alicia Albares Producer "Astrid" and "Pistachio Green" Short Films (YAQ Distribución)  
Tiffany Forsberg Producer - Love Past Blue The Band, Music Documentary Short  
Melissa Lyons Producer Alfred J. Hemlock Short Film    


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8th Annual Zed Fest Film Festival Dates - Oct 31, Nov 1,2, 3, 2017 7pm-12:30 am,

Laemmle's NoHo 7 Noho Arts District
5240 Lankershim Blvd, North Hollywood, CA 91601
7pm-12:30 am

Acme Noho 
5124 Lankershim Blvd, North Hollywood, CA 91601
Closing Night Party Friday Nov 3rd 2017, 700pm-1230am

Zed Fest Film Festival 2017 Video Spot Best of 2016

Zed Fest Film Festival 2017 Video Spot Best of 2016 from Zed Fest Film Festival on Vimeo

Location: 1 Tues Oct 31, Nov 1,2 2017
Laemmle Noho 7
5240 Lankershim Blvd, North Hollywood, CA 91601

Terror of Hallows eve

Full Festival Pass:
October 31st - Nov 3rd 2017
Zed Fest Film Festival 2017 Opening Night Feature Film 1
Tues Oct 31, 2017 7:00pm-8:50pm
All Film Festival Pass: 4 Nights, 2 Theaters All Indie Film Blocks Plus Pizza Party Pass The Terror of Hallow's Eve
Starring: Sarah Lancaster,Caleb Thomas, Christian Kane, Juliet Landau Director: Todd Tucker

Buy A Full Festival Pass!

Feature Film 1

ZF2017 The Hatred Poster
Zed Fest Film Festival 2017 Night 1 Short Films Block
Zed Fest Film Festival 2017 Night 1 Feature Film
Tues Oct 31, 2017 10:50pm-12:30am
Tues Oct 31, 2017 9:02pm From The Makers of "Halloween"
Starring: Sarah Davenport,Andrew Divoff
Filling in  
The Son,The Father  
The Candle  
Treehouse Time Machine  
  Director: Michael Kehoe
$11 $11

Escape the dark

Fetish Factory
Zed Fest Film Festival 2017 Night 2 Feature Film
Wed Nov 1, 2017 7:00pm
Zed Fest Film Festival 2017 Night 2 Feature Film
Wed Nov 1, 2017 8:58pm-11:00 pm
Indigenous Robot "One World" Music Video Where's My phone,Photokill
"Escape The Dark"
Starring: Erik Moody, Sarah Nicklin,Karli Kaiser, Michael Slefinger
Fetish Factory
Starring: Jennifer Blanc-Biehn, Carrie Keagan, Chase Williamson

Director: Ben DeLoose,Matthew Chilelli


Director: Staci Layne Wilson


The Basement Movie  
Zed Fest Film Festival 2017 Night 2 Feature Film
Wed Nov 1, 2017 11:05pm-12:30 am
The Basement
Starring: Mischa Barton,Jackson Davis,Cayleb Long
Director: Brian M. Conley Nathan Ives  



The Lurking Man

Zed Fest Film Festival Women In Film Women's Short Films & Panel
Thursday Nov 2, 2017 7:00pm-9pm
Zed Fest Film Festival 2017 Night 3 Feature Film
Thurs Nov 2, 2017 9:10pm
Women's Short Film Block "Bed" Short Film
  The Lurking Man
Love past blue -The Band Music Video Starring: Maritza Brikisak,
Yellowknife Ground Zero Daniel Lench, Frank Krueger
$11 $11



Zed Fest Film Festival 2017 Night 3
Thurs Nov 2, 2017 11:06pm
Closing Short Films Block  
Zed Fest Intro Video  
Pizza Face  
walk with the devil  
You've Got Text  
Psycho Therapy  
Those lips  
Alfred J Hemlock  

Location: 2 Friday Nov 3, 2017
Acme Noho Theater
5124 Lankershim Blvd, North Hollywood, CA 91601

ZF2017 Garden Party
Movies & Party Pass 6pm to 1:30 am
  Love Suckers,Born Again, Skinjackers
  Banshee,Killerz II,Astrid,93 Notout,Pistachio Green,New York 2150,Fearless, Music Videos

The Muse Will Find You WorkingArthouse,Mellifluous ,Bert,Liz Drives, TEK , Child Remains Starring Suzanne Clemment

Acme Noho 
5124 Lankershim Blvd, North Hollywood, CA 91601
Friday Nov 3, 2017

Garden Party Massacre - 730pm


Acme Noho 
5124 Lankershim Blvd, North Hollywood, CA 91601
Friday Nov 3, 2017 7:30pm


christmas with cookie
13 Mysteries Christmas With Cookie
Feature Film Feature Film

Acme Noho 
5124 Lankershim Blvd, North Hollywood, CA 91601
Friday Nov 3, 2017 8:45pm


Acme Noho 
5124 Lankershim Blvd, North Hollywood, CA 91601
Friday Nov 3, 2017 10:35pm


ZF2017 ZF2017
Zed Fest Film Festival 2017 Zed Fest Film Festival 2017 Awards
Party Pass only(food & drinks) Invite only part of our program

Acme Noho 
5124 Lankershim Blvd, North Hollywood, CA 91601
Friday Nov 3, 2017


Acme Noho 
5124 Lankershim Blvd, North Hollywood, CA 91601
Friday Nov 3,2017  
11:30pm-12:30 am Then Back to movies until closing time.
we will send the film rep an official email invite, if your film has won accolades at our 
Zed Fest Film Festival 2017





8th Annual Zed Fest Film Festival 2017 Official Selections
13 Mysteries Julia Noel Edward Parker BolmanJulia Noel, Jerry Simms, USA
Christmas with Cookie Alan Maxson,Shawn Schminke Alan Maxson USA
Escape the Dark Ben DeLoose,Matthew Chilelli Ben DeLoose,Matthew Chilelli USA
Fetish Factory Staci Layne Wilson Devon Biehn, Michael Biehn USA
Jennifer Blanc-Biehn,Staci Layne Wilson   
Garden Party Massacre Gregory Blair Gregory Blair,Roxy Shih USA
TEK David Cinnella David Cinnella ITALY
The Basement Brian M. Conley, Nathan Ives Brian M. Conley,Nathan IvesMark Heidelberge, USA
The Child Remains Michael Melski Michael Melski,Craig Cameron,David Miller CANADA
The Hatred Michael Kehoe Malek Akkad USA
The Lurking Man   Maritza Brikisak USA
The Terror of Hallow's Eve Todd Tucker Todd Tucker,Ronald L. Halvas USA
    David Guç, Tom Harrison,Brett Stimely  
Featurette DIRECTOR PRODUCER Country
A ROOM Chong Ming Chong Ming Hong Kong
Killerz II Luigi Abanto Varese Daniel Gimenez Pajares,Alicia Albares Spain
Bloodyback Daniel Byers,Jim Dandee Daniel Byers USA
Killerz II Chris Schramm Chris Schramm,Ian Abell USA
John Iwasz,Bob Kaplan  
New York 2150 Harry Assouline Harry Assouline,Brian O'Carroll USA
Filling In Bradley Hawkins Sarah Hawkins,Karl Holtz,Jared Odrick USA
Bradley Hawkins  
PhotoKill Lance J. Reha Lance J. Reha,Tom Bragg USA
Alfred J Hemlock Edward Lyons Edward,Melissa Lyons,Lucas Newton Australia
Robert Raymond  
Banshee Adam o'Brien Adam O'Brien,Joëlle Agathe Canada
BED Maxi Witrak Maxi Witrak USA
Bert Aaron Bush Aaron Bush US Virgin Is
Born Again Jason Tostevin Jason Tostevin USA
Buckets Julia Jones Julia Jones,Zachary Gobetz,Sophia Harvey USA
Jacob Bittens  
Hope Adam A. Losurdo Adam A. Losurdo,Anja G. Gøystdal NORWAY
Humbug Matt Thiesen,Justin Lee Milly Sanders,Matt Thiesen,Justin Lee USA
Jessee Foudray  
Liz Drives Mia'kate Russell Tim Egan,Cassandra Magrath USA
Mia'kate Russell  
Mellifluous Alfonso Torres Justin Lightfoot  
Pistachio Green Paco Cavero Al Díaz,Edu Quindós,Álex S. Ciancio Spain
Pizza Face Jamie Dwyer,Justin Ulloa Jamie Dwyer,Justin Ulloa USA
Psycho Therapy Stacie Layne Wilson Brooke Lewis,Bryce C. Campbell USA
Staci Layne Wilson  
Quenottes (Pearlies) Laurent Witz Mickael Coedel Luxembourg
SLIT Jennifer Nangle Jennifer Nangle,Hunter Johnson USA
Jul Kohler  
Skin jacker Dan Horrigan Sky or the Bird, Dan Horrigan UK
The Art House Laura Valtorta Laura Valtorta USA
The Candle Rene Ashton Richard Joel,Rene Ashton USA
The Love Suckers Jim Politano Melissa K. Webb USA
The Muse Will Find You Working Wade Koch Wade Koch USA
The Son, the Father... Lukas Hassel Ben Andrews,Lorraine Montez,Angela DiMarco USA
David Hogan  
Those Lips Steven Krimmel Ashley Erin Campbell USA
Tree House Time Machine Alan Ritchson Alan Ritchson,Dan Spilo,DJ Viola  
Two Brothers Cameron Fife Hanif Karim  
Walk with the Devil Alison C. Hall Francesco Brullo  
Where's my phone? Ralph Rascon Ralph Rascon USA
You've Got Text Matthew Moore Diana Woody,Janeva Zentz USA
DeDe & The Daawg Jud Vandy Jud Vandy UK
Fallin Ivana Noa Ivana Noa Belgium
Flip: Theme and Variations Jessica Payne Jessica Payne USA
Mare Nicole Solomon Nicole Solomon,Sean Mannion USA
Muscle Memory Flo Miles Flo Miles FRANCE
My Better Nature Al Topich,Michael S. Carpenter Michael Carpenter USA
Ousemane Vladimir Baranovsky Antoine Olla France
Thumbs Up Johnny Chiu Johnny Chiu USA
Viking Toothache Philip Baumhardt Philip Baumhardt USA
Yellowknife Ground Zero Andrea Geraghty Andrea Geraghty Canada
Acqua Macabre David S Barron David S Barron, Kris Jung USA
Raggy Monster -Fool's Gold Damian Fitzsimmons Enrique Veloz,Ian Laqua USA
Huskii View -Messed UP James Jones James Jones USA
Indigenous Robot - One World Kyle&Elyse South Kyle&Elyse South,Ryan Longenecker USA
Love Past Blue, The Band Tiffany Forsberg Tiffany Forsberg USA
Never Stop (Live Version) Josephine Halbert Josephine Halbert UK
Zed Fest Film Festival & Screenplay Competition 2017
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$5,000.00 total value in Cash Awards & Prizes

(Cash awards and prizes are shared among selected winners)

ENTER zedfest screenplay HERE

Zed Fest Film Festival & Screenplay Competition was founded to encourage and support independent low and big budget, filmmakers, who work in the horror, suspense, science fiction, drama,action, adventure, and art house genres.

After participating in Zed Fest Film Festival, many of our filmmakers have been able to advance their careers develop their next projects. We take pride in the fact that we are able maintain relationships with participants, to encourage and help them develop and promote their future endeavors.

Our Top prize PHIL TUCKER SPIRIT award (Named after Indie Film Making Pioneer Director Best known for Directing Robot Monster in 3-D ~1953)

Zed Fest Film Festival ~ Mary Pickford Award~

This Award is to Highlight Women in The Film Arts. "The Mary Pickford Award" Is Named In honor the Great Mary Pickford Silent Film Pioneer.

You can enter our Zed Fest Film Festival and to be considered for this award. If you have directed, produced or co-produced, written a screenplay.

Mary Pickford was a Canadian-American motion picture actress, co-founder of the film studio United Artists and one of the original 36 founders of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

In addition she starred in countless films,including several in the Action Genre making her one of the first action film stars. She produced many of her films having started in film acting as child she understood the medium better than most and knew early on that artists in film needed to be protected and have more control over their work. She also was instrumental in archiving early silent films, including Charlie Chaplin Films.

Zed Fest Film Festival ~ Golden Marquee Awards For Top Feature and Short Film

The Zed Fest Film Festival Golden Marquee is awarded each year to the feature film and short film that display exemplary technical proficiencies in filmmaking and storytelling.



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