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November 7th

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PLEASE NOTE: We are in the progamming phase. Due to program time constraints some of the films may only be presented as trailers provided by the filmmaker.

Zed Fest Film Festival "Official Selections" are films that are up for awards and commendations. They are in consideration for full film presentation or trailer presentation. That is due to time constraints. Trailer film presentations are fully eligible for awards. We may play them in full at a future film festival event with notification to filmmaker, in the event they would like to join us.


Zed Fest Film Festival 2014
Official Selections List

Feature They Came From The Ether James Pronath
Feature L.A. Slasher Martin Owen
Feature Beast Lover Jimmie Buchanan Jr.
Feature Wandering Rose  Corrie Greenop
Feature Alien Hunger Nancy Bhagia
Feature Swine Matthew Bowers
Feature The Temperature of Darkness Brett Davis
Feature Nowheresville Jonathan Talbert
Feature Blood Riders: The Devil Rides with Us Lari Teras
Feature Jennifer Help Us Juan Ortiz
Feature Victimized Michael Kenneth Fahr
Feature Lucifer's Angels Rick McDonald
Feature Creepers Mike T. Lyddon
Feature Omadox Edward Bolman
Feature Dust Of War Andrew Kightlinger
Feature Revenge of the Spacemen Jay P Summers
Featurette Alekto Michael Mehring 
Featurette Insane Adam O'Brien
Featurette Til Death Jason Tostevin
Featurette Small Talk Nicole Solomon
Featurette Tatoo Riccardo Di Gerlando
Featurette Il gioco di Zedder/Zedders Game Giacomo Vitali
Featurette Witness This Mitchel Gaby
Featurette Cut To Pieces Anthony Mezza
Featurette Dead Hearts Stephen Martin
Featurette REVILED Episode One:Revival Jim Stramel
Featurette Hyena´s Blood Nicolas Caicoya
Featurette By the Hair of the Head Mike T. Lyddon
Featurette ZOM-COM Adam Schwartz 
Featurette Share Jason Lange 
Featurette Festevil Paul Taylor 
Featurette Grave Undertaking James Shearer
Featurette It Grows Ryan Cauchi
Short Cassandra Guy-Roger Duvert
Short Into the Dark Lukas Hassel
Short Love, And Other Devices Elle Stanion-McDermid
Short Zombie Cops Harry Valentine
Short Knock Knock Jeff Betancourt
Short Behind  the Bush Yoann Luis
Short Girl Ryan Gard
Short Nayan and the Evil Eye Shaleen Sangha
Short Situation Vacant  Andrew Murchie
Short Evil Twin Christan Pfeil
Short The Screaming Room Glen Golightly
Short Darkness Comes John Marsh
Short Sadie Jane Nathan Pinsoneault
Short Sunshine For Breakfast Parker Winans
Short The Bridge Chris Gierowski
Short Por Eso No Tengo Hermanos Paco Cavero Rubio
Short Uncle Savannah McRibbin
Short Say What!? Shane Nasmith
Short Behold the Noose Jamie Brooks
Short Breach Paul Linsley
Short Hush Michael Kehoe
Short Michael Half-Life David Maddox
Short Maskerade Haven Nutt
Short The Haunted Haunted House of Haunted Street Aaron Buck, Candy Buck, Ryan Pena
Short Kappamama Justin Crooks
Short Noct Vincent Toujas
Short Zombie Variations George Pfau
Short House Call Dick Grunert
Short Medicine Men Freddy Lond
Short scent_mem Joe Origlieri
Short Some Love From Above James Ristas
Short Corto Alexis de Vigan
Short Franky and The Ant Billy Hayes
Short I am Candy JB Minerva 
Short Zombie #1 Samantha Quantz
Short Fodder David Dollard
Short The Stagette  Paula Potts
Short Ill Will Lester Brown
Short I Want To Believe Andre Theelen
Super Short A Christmas Walk Phillip Mosness
Super Short Past Due Garrett Smith
Super Short Viking Proverb Philip Baumhardt
Super Short Have an Unforgettable Time at a National Park Parker Winans
Music Video Taste My Lightning Cassandra Harner
Music Video Delica-m: Pretty In The Dark Herman Wang
Music Video East JB Palmer
Music Video Piano Footsteps Tosh Leykum

Zed Fest Film Festival & Screenplay Competition was founded to encourage and support independent low and big budget, filmmakers, who work in the horror, science fiction, action, art house & suspense genres.

After participating in Zed Fest Film Festival, many of our filmmakers have been able to advance their careers develop their next projects. We take pride in the fact that we are able maintain relationships with participants, to encourage and help them develop and promote their future endeavors.

Our Top prize PHIL TUCKER SPIRIT award (named after Indie Film Making Pioneer Director of Robot Monster 1953)

Zed Fest Film Festival Commercial 2014 BURBANK, CA NOV 7 /8 /9 2014
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Creepshow Trailer Zed Fest Film Festival Vimeo
Fri, Sat, Sun Nov. 7 ,8 , 9 2014 7:00pm
Zed Fest Film Festival 2014
3435 W. Magnolia Blvd. Burbank, CA
Theatre Banshee
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Headlining Zed Fest Film Festival 2014 is

George Romero's Horror Classic "CREEPSHOW" (1982)

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Zed Fest
Film Festival
Zed Fest
Film Festival
Zed Fest Film Festival Zed Fest
Film Festival
Zed Fest
Film Festival
Fri. Nov 7, 2014 Fri. Nov 7, 2014 Sat. Nov 8, 2014 Sun. Nov 9, 2014 Nov 7,8,9 2014

Opening Night Party, Red Carpet.

Opening Night Party (Food & Drinks Included)

Opening Night Party, Red Carpet, Plus Best of Local & International Films

Opening Night Party (Food & Drinks Included)

Night 2

Our Special Screening of "Creepshow",

Plus 5 years of Indie Films Celebration, and Best of new Indie international Films

Night 3

Best of Local Films and Awards Ceremony, and A Celebration of 5 Years of Local Indie Film Makers


Opening Night Party (Food & Drinks Included)

5:30 - 6:45pm 5:30 - midnight 7:00 - midnight 7:00 - midnight All Fest & Party Pass
$10 $30 $30 $30 $75
Horror Sci-Fi Action Suspense
Zed Fest Screenplay Competition

Screenplay Submission Info:


Screenplays must be feature length no less than 80 pages and no more than 120 pages. All screenplays must be written in English. Screenplays should be in 12 point Courier font and pages must be numbered. Only online PDF submissions will be accepted. Any revisions after submission will not be accepted.



1st PLACE $500
2nd PLACE $200

Other Prizes:

*Movie Magic Screenwriter - Software
*Inktip Script Listing- A listing of your script on InkTip so that producers and reps can find you.
*Scripped - Membership
*Script Pipeline - Membership
*Virtual Pitchfest - Free Pitch


DEADLINE: October 10th 2014

ENTRY FEE $50.00

Finalists Announced November 2, 2014

Winners Announced November 16, 2014

ENTER zedfest screenplay HERE
MMS inktip Scripped Script Pipeline Virtual Pitch Fest


This Award is to Highlight Women in The Film Arts. We call it the "The Pickford Award" In honor the Great Mary Pickford Silent Film Pioneer.

Mary Pickford was a Canadian-American motion picture actress, co-founder of the film studio United Artists and one of the original 36 founders of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

In addition she starred in countless films,including several in the Action Genre making her one of the first action film stars. She produced many of her films having started in film acting as child she understood the medium better than most and knew early on that artists in film needed to be protected and have more control over their work. She also was instrumental in archiving early silent films, including Charlie Chaplin Films.

Online  Call For Entries Checklist:  

Discounts for online Entries are Available                   

 Send us the following Items to: zedfest@gmail.com                                       

  • Paypal Payment
  • Video File Link (Vimeo, Youtube,Drop box, Etc.)
  • Signed PDF Registration Form
  • Vertical Jpg, or Png of Movie Poster

You can enter our Film Festival and to be considered for this award. If you have directed, produced or co-produced, written a screenplay We have an extended deadline of October 10,2014 Email: zedfest@gmail.com Follow us on Twitter: @zedfestfilmfest

Mary Pickford Award




Thank You
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